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anna's archive

a huge collection of books, papers, comics, magazines, and more. the creator has stated that the website serves as a search engine for shadow libraries, which are essentially databases that are not easily accessible through major search engines.

birka jazz archive

a huge archive of jazz vinyl record covers from the united states and europe. the collection spans from the 1940s to 1970s.


an online catalog of all sorts of collectibles that anyone can contribute to. i've only used it to look at stamps, but you can also look at money, stickers, cards... all sorts of things!

fat girl archive

an archive for fat girl, a zine created in the 90s by fat queer creators based in the united states. because the zine includes nsfw topics, the site requests that you be 21 years or older to access it.

fonts in use

an archive that details what fonts are used where. includes links to where you can get the fonts as well as any links to original creators and design studios.

handheld games museum

a website that documents a wide variety of electronic games created between the 70s to 80s.

internet pinball database

a database of everything related to pinball games.

macintosh garden

an archive of games and software that were made for older mac computers.

majazz project

an ongoing archive of palestinian music from the 1960s-1990s. you can listen to some songs straight from the website, and some albums can be purchased digitally on their bandcamp page. admittedly it's hard to read the text on the album pages without highlighting the text.

palestine poster project archives

an archive of palestinian posters dating as far back as the early 1900s.

people's graphic design archive

an ongoing archive of anything graphic design such as posters, magazine covers, letters, even unfinished works.

the textfile directory

an archive of all sorts of text files mainly from the 80s and 90s. it includes everything from ascii art to school papers and reports to video game walkthroughs to... writings about sex and anarchy. proceed with caution if you're under 18.

vimm's lair

a comprehensive collection of game roms and isos as well as game manuals and emulators. i've downloaded several roms from this website!

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asset resources

90s gif viewer

a neocities page that collects 90s gifs from pierrepapierciseaux.net.

99 gif shop

neocities website that hosts many old web gifs. it's stylized as a store too, very cute!

betty's graphics

neocities website that hosts all sorts of graphics and backgrounds.

cursormania archive

a collection of all of cursormania's cursors.


a small collection of fonts hosted by the webmaster.

fontworks font collection

a huge collection of fonts created by the japanese font company fontworks inc., whose fonts have been used by nintendo. the collection seems to be missing some fonts according to some commenters, but otherwise it includes a lot of fonts!

humanofmicomage's y2k font tumblr thread

do you like y2k fonts? this tumblr user compiled links to where you can download or buy some. also includes a few resources on how to find more.

the oldschool pc font resource

a collection of old pc fonts.

rotating food gif archive

a collection of gifs centered around... rotating food! the uploader has links to 5 more related collections linked in the description.


website of a type foundry that distributes fonts which are free and open-source.


a website that hosts cute free-to-use pixel graphics created by the webmaster. personally not my style but i know many people would love to use these for their own websites!

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fun things

jigsaw explorer

a collection of solvable jigsaw puzzles dating back to late 2010.

metafilter's adobe flash game post

a blog post that includes all sorts of links related to flash games.


a website where the goal is to figure out the mystery animal in under 20 guesses.


a website that has a wide variety of solitaire-related games, even ones that i've never heard of. i usually stick to regular solitaire because it's the easiest for me to understand, but i've also played yukon solitaire on here. the website includes the option to customize the card backs and also includes unlockable card sets which can be obtained by simply playing lots of solitaire.


a minimal website consisting of 4 browser based games: solitare, spider solitaire, mahjong solitaire, and sudoku.


a web-based game where the goal is to get to one word in as few words as possible. meant to be played once per day and the words change daily.

zophar's domain: random game soundtrack

a link that takes you to a random game soundtrack featured on the website. i've found some really interesting games on here!

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a collection of old websites that still exist to this day, though some of the websites originally featured don't exist anymore. also includes links providing insight onto the early internet.

sadgrl's surf the web page

a collection of search engines, site generators, and more. i highly recommend checking out the rest of the pages on her website, as i've pulled some links from them!

web design museum

an archive of old website designs, mainly those of popular websites such for brands, social media, search engines, etc.

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miscellaneous links

mr initial man's height comparison creator

a website that allows you to input the heights of up to 6 people in comparison with each other. i use this website a lot when i'm working with my ocs!


a reverse image search engine. sometimes you'll be able to find the source and sometimes you won't, especially when it comes to images dating past 2010. it also doesn't seem to be good with finding the sources of cropped images. regardless, i've mostly had success with saucenao and encourage others to use it too!

write a prisoner

a website where you can connect with incarcerated folks in the united states and send letters to them as well as send money their way. you can still correspond if you live outside the united states, but make sure the inmate(s) you're looking at is willing to do so. you're able to see an inmate's charges if you're uncomfortable with contacting someone who has been incarcerated for harming others.

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