hi, i'm lieu (pronounced lee-oh) and i use any pronouns!

i've always wanted to make my own website but always found it daunting. i still think it's really daunting! i actually used neocities prior to the creation of this website, but i wasn't satisfied with how i presented myself and decided to start over. majoring in graphic design makes it so that i barely have time for myself, so i'm always afraid that i'll accidentally abandon my website. obviously i didn't though; i think about it often! i hope i'll have more time in the future so that i can properly dedicate myself to this website!

i love listening to music! my favorite genres are jazz, trance, bossa nova, and techno, but i'm happy to listen to anything.

more of my interests: horror media, surreal stuff, video games (especially ones that are niche and/or obscure)

the truth is i'm a really shy person, even more so online. please feel free to reach out to me, i'm happy to chat when i have the time!


"if loneliness brings you together, you'll be even lonelier when it ends."
—last window

"but you know... i still remember everything about you. there's no way i could ever forget you! not when i'm so head-over-heels for you!"
—twilight syndrome kyūmei-hen

"i still loved you... even though you took away my freedom. even if {you} hadn't loved me... did i love {you}, simply because i was {your child}?"

"i wonder if i deserve to be as happy as i am."
—haibane renmei

"everyone dies two deaths. the first is when their soul leaves their body. the second is when they no longer live on in people's memories. ...do you still remember me?"
—another code: r

"you are knocking and i am hesitating / when i open my eyes from the long night’s dream, will i be you? will you be me? ... the moon rises and i am becoming you / we were so different, but my heart is now being colored with you."
—haseul, "let me in"

"too often, i don't tell people (people i love) i am sad. i don't think that's something they would want to hear. because they love me. because i don't want them to feel like the currency of their tenderness isn't enough when it has been and will be again, but, well, if i'm being completely honest, today is hard. today i miss people. dead and alive. far and near. i miss them all. and i think i'm boring you and well, that doesn't feel too great."
—hieu minh nguyen, "notes on staying"

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